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Growing D.E.E.P. to reach W.I.D.E!

We are a faith community intent on “Growing D.E.E.P. to reach W.I.D.E!”  along Waiyaki Way and in its environs. Our desire is to see that each and every person that God brings through our doors has a life changing encounter and begins to live a life of purpose; that they grow in their relationship with God; and become more Christ-like.

How do we grow D.E.E.P.

Daily Devotions:

Nothing causes personal spiritual growth like developing the discipline of reading God’s word daily and listening to his leading and direction for the day. We therefore work hard at helping our members learn how to listen to God for themselves on a daily basis.


Spending time with others who love the Lord, studying his Word, praying for each other and growing together is one other sure way to grow rapidly in our walk with God. Our desire is that each member of our church be in a small, home fellowship bible study, which we call an E-Group (E stands for Ecclesia which is the Greek word used in the bible for “church”).


God has given each Christian a special mix of giftings to uniquely bless his people with. The Bible calls these “Spiritual Gifts”. You have one and I have one; when you use yours, God specially empowers you to bring about results that will blow you away and grow you as you see God using you among His people in His own unique way.


The pulpit symbolises Sunday gatherings which for us is the place of celebration, worship, gratitude to God, teaching from His word, friendships and joy. Sunday service is a weekly event to look forward to… and boy does the Chapel pulpit grow you!

How do we reach W.I.D.E


Witness 100,000 people. To do this we have to creatively engage different avenues, media, crusades or whatever means possible to get the task done.


Social impact that will change the lives of our people significantly, especially of the poor and needy around us. We can bring about social impact via two different ways; firstly is by working closely with the poor to alleviate poverty; and secondly is by each being faithful disciples of Christ in the specific sector of society he has placed us. We talk about the six sectors of society being the arts and media; business and commerce; governance and politics; church and religion; science and medicine; and finally family and education. Everyone works in one or more of these sectors, and if we were all faithful disciples, shining for Jesus and justice where He has placed us, we would change this world.


Our commitment is to disciple 10,000 people outside of Chapel into maturity. That means we would have to publish materials, books and curriculum that others can use to grow people.

Establish and plant 25 churches.

Waiyaki Way is in Westlands sub-county which has 5 wards. We desire to plant 5 (Urban and peri-urban) churches in each of those wards.

Ministry Areas

Sunday Service

Teaching the word of God to the congregation, in its entirety so that all may grow in their relationship with God; and become more Christ-like. Though the main Sunday service is geared to adults, it is packaged to reach the whole age spectrum.


As Christ said, let the children come to me. We run Quest programs for those 12yrs and below in two separate classes. Our facilitators include some parents and trained volunteers. They unpack the word of God in ways the little ones will grasp.

Team Inferno

Teenagers are in transition. They need to appreciate what they are becoming yet sometimes are conflicted of who they are. Such a wonderful age! Our facilitators are fully alive to this reality. We run one session every Sunday, from 11am till 12.30pm in the Bandas.


We all need to appreciate God’s word in our own personal way. We enhance this during E-Groups – a chance to interact with friends experiencing life. We run Plugin classes that graduate into E-Groups. We also run Parenting classes and empowerment sessions.



Main Service at 10:00 AM - 12 Noon

Concurrently during both services, in various classrooms

Sunday Session - 10:00AM - 12 Noon
The Canopy


Nairobi Chapel Waiyaki Way
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Tel: 0728 460 072
Email: info@nairobichapelwaiyakiway.org