Our Core Values

If you have been attending Nairobi Chapel Waiyaki Way for some time, chances are that you have become aware of what we value most as a church. It would be hard to miss the vibrant worship, weekly prayer item, high impact sermons, Plug-In, eGroups, and other elements that come under our mission statement:

Growing D.E.E.P. to reach W.I.D.E.

In defining who we are as a church family, it is important to carefully summarize the principles that make up our DNA as Nairobi Chapel Waiyaki Way. These principles comprise our 6 Core Values.

1. Reach people for Christ

We are committed to doing what it takes to help people find life in Christ. To this end, we are innovative and push the limits, unafraid to fail because the opportunity to effectively speak to an ever-changing society outweighs the risk. We seek to relate to people in a way that they can understand. As a result, this will enable everyone get involved and experience life in Christ. Involvement entails: our congregation inviting friends and workmates to church or to Plug-In; our school outreach programs; Missions and Outreach Ministry, that takes the gospel to neighbouring communities, across the country and internationally. Our goal is to reach 100,000 people for Christ by the year 2020. Real transformation happens in authentic community which is beyond church on a Sunday morning. God wants us to ‘do life together.’ Such growth happens best in the context of small groups – what we call eGroups at Chapel — where people are real with each other and deal with real issues. eGroups are places where we safely share our joys, struggles, doubts, and questions; where we come together, pray for, encourage and challenge one another to be more like Christ.

2. Grow together

Discipleship is how Jesus grew his team and this is of utmost importance to us as a church. In order to successfully implement this, Through our Transformation Track , a clear guide through the process of discipleship at Nairobi Chapel Waiyaki Way. This way, we work towards growing our members to be more like Christ and live out their faith in a powerful and practical way.

3. Multiply at every level

At the individual level, we are intentional about multiplying leaders, staff and disciples. Further, each year, at the ministry level, we seek to reproduce all of our ministries regularly. Putting Plug-In into practice has incorporated several volunteers at almost every level of the church’s functions.

4. Empower the next generation

God has not only called us to reach the next generation, but also to empower them, to change their world. Today’s children and youth are tomorrow’s leaders and the future of the church. Investing in them is investing in the future of the church. Thus, we intentionally do whatever it takes to bring them into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ and empower them for Kingdom service. Through creative sermons pre teens and teens ministry, and Quest (our Children’s Ministry), our children do not just accept Christ into their hearts, but also learn practical ways to be more like Him.

5. Release resources into the community

We are called to be a “city on a hill” – a place of hope and refuge – and a “lamp that sheds light abroad.” Accordingly, we look beyond our walls to serve people outside the church, especially the poor and the forgotten – “the least of these”. We resolved to continuously serve our community with compassion, love and understanding. Through social justice, we hope to assist those struggling in the communities around us.

6. Keep prayer at the core

Everything we do encompasses prayer and dependence on God. The best planning and strategy can only go so far if not ordained and guided by God. We are committed to apply daily what the Bible says in Psalm 127:1,

… unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain

As a church, we encourage personal prayer through daily devotion. Corporately, we are blessed with a committed team serving in our Prayer Ministry who uphold the church and nation in prayer, daily.

We also come together as a congregation for prayer and fasting. God has been faithful in answering our prayers. He has been our ‘Ebenezer’ – this far He has brought us. We look forward to the amazing things He has in store for Chapel Waiyaki Way as we continue to place our trust in Him.