We are Family – Jesus the Bread of Life

We are Family - Jesus the Bread of Life

The BREAD of Life – John 6:22 – 40

Principle 1: Jesus primary desire is never for us to focus on the temporal

Are you still searching for Jesus amongst the empty boats, the temporal, the yesterday material gifts that he used to reveal himself to you? Jesus desires that we follow through in faith to where He is taking us in our spiritual growth

Principle 2: Jesus only request of us is to work towards believing in him – all else is icing on the cake.

What do your daily decisions say about the kind of food for which you are working ?

Principle 3: Jesus alone satisfies our deepest longings

What will you change so you can stop wearing yourself out striving for daily needs that go to the exclusion of God and the study of his word ?

Principle 4: Jesus will succeed in God’s assignment to raise us up on the last day

How are you raising up those God has given you to ensure you do not lose them?

‘ the greatest need of my people is my own personal holiness’ ~R.M. McCheyne

No gift (spiritual or material), no bible knowledge, no outgoing temperament, or energetic zeal can take the place of your holiness in Gods’ sight.

Tips for eternal security personally for the benefit of your family

  • Spend consistent unhurried time in prayer and bible study
  • Eat regularly together
  • Embrace the eternal assurance that Jesus alone controls all things
  • Err of the side of modelling Jesus above impressive materialism
  • Remove all hints of self righteousness in speech and behaviour because Jesus alone justifies
  • Unburden your family from expectations of good works and replace this with affirming love